• The following is a list of programming languages and environments where we have considerable skills and experience.
  • This is not necessarily a definitive list as we've had a hand in all sorts of things over the years. Please Contact us to see if we can help with your specific requirements. 


Our experience with HTML goes way back to the early days of Netscape Navigator 1.0 and have worked with all the various versions up till the current HTML5 specification.

Aside form actual content, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the most important thing for a modern Web Site so we have a lot of experience and spend a great deal of time with it.

Wherever possible, we always try to strictly adhere to W3C standards.



With Web pages getting more and more interactive, Javascript (aka ECMA Script) is becoming increasingly ubiquitous and important, so naturally we have a good deal of experience here.

And we use and recommend libraries and frameworks such as JQuery, RequireJS and Backbone.js for more complex application development.



Without a doubt, PHP is the most commonly used server-side development language and we have experience dating back to it's early days.

We always use a very structured, Object Oriented approach and rarely use PHP outside of an application framework such as SilverStripe or Zend.



Typically Java is used in large corporate applications and within an Application Server and we have good skills and experience with that.

We recommend JBoss for new projects.



Almost always, the core of any application is a database so naturally we have developed good skills in Structured Query Language (SQL).

The most popular database is MySQL, but some people also prefer PostgreSQL - we have plenty of experience with both and can also help with other databases like MSSQL and Oracle if needed.



When some low-level heavy lifting is required, such as building PHP Extensions or Kernel Modules, we can help with considerable expertise in C and C++.

And if you need to get really low-level, we have experience with Embedded Systems and Assember too!


Please Contact us for more information. 

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