• As part of out standard Web Development service, we provide training to allow you to manage your own content.
  • We can also offer more advanced training if you'ld like to get down to implementation details or specific topics.



SilverStripe CMS

We'll teach you all the basics of Content Management - creating, updating, moving and deleting pages and menus. And if you're really game and want to try your hand at building your own templates, custom classes and content generation, we can help there too.



Joomla CMS

If you decide to go with Joomla, we can also train you up on everything from basic content management, to advanced template design and implementation.

objective c


Want to really get your hands dirty and start coding yourself? We can help get you started with concepts and walking you through tutorials as well as help with advanced server and client frameworks.




Need help with some basic concepts - shutter speed, aperture, depth of field? Or help with flash/lighting techniques or macro? We can take you through some practical workshops to get you started. Note also a really great place to get help and advice - join the Gore Camera Club!


Please Contact us for more information. 


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